In the "Internet +" era, can piracy be wayward?

Technological progress The rapid rise of the mobile Internet, more and more people began to watch movies and TV programs through the mobile Internet, the online video seems to be in a booming situation, but the movies and TV shows are reprinted at will, and piracy is pushing the online video to survival and destruction crossroads! Rights holders often spend tens of millions of dollars to buy movies and TV shows, which are freely obtained by others at a very small cost, which greatly damages the rights holders' interests. This situation will continue and no one will go to the online video industry. Our ordinary audience does not have so many excellent film and television programs for us to enjoy! Now there is a new form of piracy, and there are increasing cases of infringement suspected of being built into the video aggregation of the mobile phone tablet client TV set-top box.

Technological innovation brings convenience to users and brings new challenges to rights protection. Legal proceedings related to online copyrights require some new methods to protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners. The pre-suit injunction is that the relevant right holder believes that the other party is indeed infringing, and this infringement is urgent and difficult to effectively compensate for the loss. You can apply to the court to request the other party to stop the infringement, and the judge will take the right The evidence provided by the person judges the possibility of the right holder's victory. If the right holder's judgment is more likely, the plaintiff will be required to provide the corresponding guarantee money and then make a temporary injunction. This is also a measure against the infringement of Internet piracy Some new attempts made! With the continuous development of the network, the court will also invite the corresponding industry associations to mediate during the trial of the case, and try to maximize the balance between innovation and copyright protection! In addition, the judiciary has increased its efforts to combat pirated publications , Such as the investigation and punishment of "Thinking Network", the case of "Animation Star" website infringing the copyright of animation works, the case of "Popcorn" website infringing the copyright of film and television works, etc.!

Although the work of combating pirated publications still faces great challenges, as long as some weak links in management are strengthened and legal means are used to strengthen copyright protection, piracy will have no way to work!

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