Company Profile
Beijing Gaowo Law Firm is a law firm specializing in intellectual property litigation. The business involves trademarks, patents, and copyrights. It is a leading law firm in China's intellectual property agency industry.

The Gaowo lawyer team has a very high professional quality, and all lawyers have a professional background in intellectual property. Among them, lawyers have 1 doctorate and 5 master degrees.

Gaowo adhering to the concept of "only focus, can be professional", for many years, has achieved outstanding performance in the field of intellectual property litigation, becoming a partner agency of Haichang Contact Lens, Uniform, Maotai and other well-known enterprise groups.

Firm advantage: focus on intellectual property litigation
Gaowo adhering to the concept of "only focus on professionalism." Unlike many comprehensive law firms, Galvo has a clear position since its inception-focusing on intellectual property litigation.

Our philosophy is: Anything is either not done, and it is necessary to do it well, and only by focusing can it be done well and refined. As a result, this business characteristic of Gaowo has made itself a unique law firm in the country, which has created Gaowo's professional position in the field of intellectual property litigation.

Business area:
Trademark cases
◆ Trademark administrative litigation
◆ Civil action for trademark infringement
◆ Civil lawsuits involving disputes over trademark ownership
◆ Administrative investigation and punishment of trademark protection

Patent case
◆ Invalidation of patent
◆ Civil lawsuits involving patent ownership disputes
◆ Administrative investigation and punishment of patent right protection
◆ Civil Litigation for Patent Infringement
◆ Administrative litigation involving patent authorization and invalidation

Copyright case
◆ Administrative investigation on the protection of copyright rights
◆ Civil action for copyright infringement
◆ Computer software administrative investigation and civil litigation

Unfair competition cases
◆ Administrative investigation and civil litigation involving protection of trade secret rights
◆ Administrative investigation and civil litigation involving unique names of well-known commodities
◆ Complaints and civil lawsuits involving unfair competition in domain names

Beijing headquarters

6th Floor, Huayi Holding Building, No.11 Caihefang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

US Office

1420 McKendall West Road, Allen, Texas

German Office

23 Westmeister, Berlin