Patent agency
◇ Design patent strategy;
◇ Application for invention, utility model and design patent;
◇ Application for patent reexamination and invalidation declaration;
◇ Patent annual fee management;
◇ Patent literature and non-patent literature search and patent monitoring;
◇ Patent PCT international application and country-by-country application;
◇ Patent customs filing and patent pledge registration;
◇ Patent infringement risk analysis and design evasion;
◇ Patent early warning service;
◇ Patent consultant and patent custody service.

Trademark agency
◇ Design and analysis of trademark strategy;
◇ Application for trademark registration;
◇ Renewal, transfer, alteration, and licensing of trademarks;
◇ Trademark monitoring;
◇ International trademark registration application and related services;
◇ Application and defense of trademark opposition;
◇ Application and defense of trademark invalidation declaration;
◇ Well-known trademark recognition, famous trademark application;
◇ Enterprise trademark physical examination and strategic analysis;
◇ Formulate enterprise trademark management system;
◇ Corporate intellectual property legal counsel.

Copyright agency
◇ Copyright registration; computer software copyright registration;
◇ Copyright customs filing;
◇ Request for extension processing; objections and arbitration;
◇ Copyright infringement litigation, administrative investigation and related legal affairs.

Rights protection agency
◇ Market infringement monitoring, investigation and evidence collection;
◇ Administrative investigation and crackdown on infringement;
◇ Customs monitoring and investigation of infringing products;
◇ Agency for criminal cases of intellectual property rights.

Litigation agent
◇ Trademark administrative litigation, trademark infringement civil litigation;
◇ Patent administrative litigation and patent infringement civil litigation;
◇ Civil action for copyright infringement;
◇ Civil litigation of computer software;
◇ Civil litigation involving protection of trade secret rights;
◇ Complaints and civil lawsuits involving unfair competition.

Beijing headquarters

6th Floor, Huayi Holding Building, No.11 Caihefang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

US Office

1420 McKendall West Road, Allen, Texas

German Office

23 Westmeister, Berlin