Copyright protection vs commercial development: copyright grows in embarrassment

Recently, Li Shishi was dissatisfied with the intellectual property rights of chess scores as the exclusive policy of the Korean Chess Club, and announced his withdrawal from the Korean Chess Club, which caused uproar in the Korean chess world. In fact, this kind of problem also exists in the Chinese chess industry. Chang Hao Weibo Tucao Publishing House arbitrarily made its own chess book for profit. The rights battle in the Go world pushes the copyright issue of chess records above the cusp.

Copyright, that is, copyright, is a type of intellectual property. It has clear legal provisions and government policy support. However, in practice, it is always ignored, ignored, or even regarded as a stumbling block for commercial development. It is in the protection of rights Become an embarrassing existence with commercial development. Not only have there been such encounters in chess games, but also music, movies, scripts, etc., and e-sports games and sports events are also experiencing this kind of problem.

Since the explosive development of Internet music in 2005, online music download has become the mainstream way to listen to music, and music has changed from paid to free. This change has made the record company's life more and more bleak and made more and more music creators feel Chills. And music websites can obtain a large number of users without paying copyright fees, and generate revenue through these users, which is a profitable business. Operators are interested in its huge economic benefits, a large number of music websites have been established, and Internet music has developed rapidly. However, record companies, as owners of music copyrights, have been unable to obtain income due to a large amount of costs. Get the corresponding remuneration and have no choice but to escape. The conflict between the copyright protection of online music and the business model has become an urgent problem that hinders the development of the music industry. In order to ensure the healthy development of the music industry, the country has been trying to find a balance between protecting the rights of musicians and the music business development model. During this period, the State Administration of Press created four music industry bases. The National Copyright Administration issued several notices to regulate copyright, rectify music piracy, and actively explore business models that take into account the interests of rights holders, enterprises, and users. After 10 years of hard work, the number of music websites has dropped sharply from more than 400 to 16. These websites have gradually cleared piracy and actively negotiated the purchase of copyrights. These are mainly based on the view that the healthy and long-term development of the music industry urgently needs to strengthen copyright protection.

Internet dramas are produced with the emergence of the online video industry. After 10 years of savage development, they have become increasingly standardized and formed a complete industrial chain. High-quality online dramas bring tangible benefits to producers, advertisers, broadcast platforms, etc. This is especially obvious from 2014 to 2015. The diversified development of online drama copyright and branded operation have achieved considerable benefits for rights holders. For example, "Wai Chai Brothers 2" developed mobile games of the same name, the same protagonist clothes, accessories and other derivatives, realized the long-term operation of the online drama copyright industry chain, and fully developed the commercial value of copyright.

Some people think that “copyright protection is a stumbling block for commercial development”, but the author believes that copyright protection does not of course hinder the commercial development of a work. Instead, copyright protection and commercial value of a work are complementary and mutually reinforcing. First, copyright protection is the legal expression of "encourage originality, respect originality". Innovation is the driving force of development and the foundation of development. Without original works, how about commercial development? Secondly, the rights are ambiguous, and everyone can use them at will. They cannot be converted into commercial value, and if they cannot find a good business model, they cannot be bigger and stronger. In view of the commercial development model of online music and film and television, copyright protection is a necessary condition for its success.

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