Patent Attorney

Mou Feng

Name: Mou Feng
Position: Patent Attorney
professional field:
Double-certified lawyer, possesses lawyer's practice certificate and patent agent's practice certificate, has professional legal knowledge and rich work experience, and is familiar with domestic intellectual property basic business, litigation business and other dispute resolution business
Some cases represented:
Acted for the invalidation of the injection mold with side gate valve needle and successfully maintained the patent;
Acted for the invalidation of silicone rubber shoes and successfully maintained the patent;
Acting for an administrative litigation case of ribbed steel mesh for cast-in-situ cavity floor;
Acting for a civil infringement lawsuit of an antenna box;
Acting for a second instance of administrative litigation (not in compliance with the review decision) of a fresh fruit liquid;
The design patent infringement case of a well-known luggage company, the defendant was a well-known large-scale e-commerce platform in the country. The judgment rule on the safe haven principle in this case has a greater impact in the industry and was rated as a typical national intellectual property in 2016 Case
The utility model patent infringement case of a Beijing electric power company;
Case of patent invalidation and administrative complaint of a crane company in Shanghai;
Patent invalidation and administrative complaint case of an automobile testing company in Zhuhai;
The invalidation and litigation of a dishwasher patent of an automation company in Dongguan;
Patent invalidation and litigation in a home furnishing company in Beijing;
A patent invalidation case of an information technology company in Nanjing.

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