Patent Attorney

Liu Lindong

Name: Liu Lindong
Position: Patent Attorney

professional field:
Lawyer Liu Lindong has a good learning background and work experience, is familiar with domestic and foreign intellectual property laws and regulations, and has a deep understanding of the intellectual property industry. Understanding and insight; rich experience in corporate intellectual property protection, layout, confirmation and rights protection, especially good at patent reexamination, invalidation, administrative complaints, administrative litigation, patent rights protection, etc.

Some cases represented:
1. Rebound Pipa Patent Infringement Case: Selected as one of the top ten IPR protection cases in Gansu Province in 2010;
2. A well-known luggage company's "Trolley Case" design patent infringement case: the defendant in this case is a well-known large-scale e-commerce platform in the country. The judgment on the safe harbor principle in the case judgment has a great influence in the industry and was rated as 2016 Typical cases of intellectual property in national courts in 2014;
3. A patent invalidation request for an electric unicycle: This case was rated as one of the top ten cases for the review of invalidation by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2018 due to the patent confidentiality review and the application of domestic priority laws, CCTV12, China Intellectual Property News, and so on have conducted special reports on the case;
4. The overall planning project of intellectual property rights of a large group company in Sichuan;
5. A series of cases of intellectual property rights protection and administrative confirmation of a leading Finnish crane manufacturer in China;
6. A series of administrative complaint cases concerning patent infringement of concrete machinery vehicles by a large vehicle company in Hunan Province.

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