Trademark Attorney

Ren Hucheng

Name: Ren Hucheng
Position: Trademark, Patent Attorney

Professional field:
Focus on intellectual property business, involving patent invalidation, administrative litigation and infringement litigation. Trademark administrative litigation and infringement litigation, trade secrets and unfair competition litigation, software infringement litigation and intellectual property non-litigation business.

Academic Achievements:
"Questioning the Current Approval Model of Additional Technical Features", "Chinese Patent Agent", No. 2, 2004
"Two technical issues should not be confused" "Chinese Patent Agent" No. 3, 2007
"Case Theory of Patent Application Misconduct", "Chinese Invention and Patent", No. 2, 2008
"How to Determine the Regional Jurisdiction of Patent Infringement Cases" "Chinese Patent Agent" No. 2 of 2009
"How to Apply for a Patent" Published by Peking University Press in 2009

Some cases represented:
Acting for Shanghai Pulisheng Packaging Co., Ltd. and Zhu Shuanghai's utility model patent infringement case;
Acting for the patent infringement case of Yangquan Dongfeng Refractory Company and Yixing Continuous Cast Refractory Factory Co., Ltd .;
Represented Beijing Williamshun Plastic Products Company and Shanghai Dajulong Company in the patent infringement case;
Acting for Shenzhen Zuoyou Furniture Co., Ltd. and Zhou Zipeng and Pan Jiazhong infringing the design patent right;
Represented Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Italian Danieli Company in the case of invalidity of invention patents;
Acting for Liu Xitian's patent invalidation and administrative litigation first and second instance cases;
Acted as an administrative dispute over the patent restoration of the annex Songxi Minrui Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. and the State Intellectual Property Office;
Represented the "Jiumu Group" company and the "Lin Shengyan" patent ownership dispute case;
Represented Wu Tielin and the "PLA 203 Hospital" in patent disputes;
Acting for the "Hong Kong Tianji Paper Co., Ltd." patent ownership dispute case;
Represented Yantai Wansite Company, Liu Yunlong, Wan Huixian, and Yantai Fujitec Company in the second and retrial cases of commercial secrets
Represented Feng Yuzhu and Hunan Chongde Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. in the first, second and retrial cases of patent licensing contract disputes.

Beijing headquarters

6th Floor, Huayi Holding Building, No.11 Caihefang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

US Office

1420 McKendall West Road, Allen, Texas

German Office

23 Westmeister, Berlin