Gaowo provides free patent agency services for first-line medical workers

In order to fully support the victory of the epidemic prevention and control, Gaowo Intellectual Property decided to waive domestic patent application service fees for specific groups of people during the epidemic and contribute to the fight against the "epidemic."

1. Activities:
Exempt domestic patent application service fees for specific groups.

2. The target of the activity (specific groups):
National first-line medical workers in the fight against new coronary pneumonia

3. Time range:
Commissioned and submitted domestic invention patent applications from March 1 to April 30, 2020.

4. Activity description:
(1). Each specific group of people can only enjoy one domestic invention patent application service fee waiver;
(2). The content of this offer is limited to service fees, excluding official fees;
(3). The frontline medical workers can provide any written certificate (including personal written statement) that can prove their participation in the fight against new coronary pneumonia.
(4). For patent applications that clearly violate the "Patent Law" and related regulations, Gaowo Intellectual Property will refuse to represent.

Customers are welcome to contact Gaowo Intellectual Property Counselor directly, or call Gaowo Service Phone: 010-51667234 for consultation.

Once again pay tribute to the medical workers who are retrograde in the epidemic! All employees of Gaowo Intellectual Property are willing to do their best, and hope to contribute to the fight against "epidemic disease" through our meticulous and dedicated service! We believe that, under the strong leadership of the party and the country, and with the joint efforts of enterprises and people from all walks of life, we will surely win this epidemic prevention and control battle!

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February 29, 2020

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