3.20 Gaowo Salon “Examination Opinion Response Skills and 2019 Patent Planning” Salon ended successfully

In the era of intellectual property rights, the importance of patents is self-evident! Undergraduates can use "patents" to sponsor famous universities, and employees can use "patents" to upgrade the company's shareholders, and the benefits obtained by companies with "patents" are even more!

In order to thank our customers, today (March 20), Gaowo Intellectual Property held a special exchange meeting on "Examination Opinion Answer Skills and 2019 Patent Planning" in Beijing, which introduced the ideas and skills of patent application and layout in detail!

The importance of patents for companies
Qiaqia, an ordinary melon seed brand, established 19 years ago, has actually achieved a brand value of 12.636 billion yuan, making it into the 11th Top 500 Chinese Brand Value. The role of patents cannot be underestimated! Retrieving a melon seed brand from the official website of the State Knowledge Bureau has 194 patent application records.

Huawei, the Chinese national mobile phone brand, is now on par with Apple in sales, and it shines on the world stage. It is easy to deal with opponents' patent litigation! Why? Huawei does not rely on real estate, finance, or listing. It relies on Huawei's research and development, Huawei's technological innovation, and Huawei's patent concept! The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released data on the 19th to explain everything: the Chinese technology giant Huawei has 5405 patent applications, ranking first in the world!

Central South University, announced on July 12, 2018: Professor Lai Yanqing ’s team ’s “High Specific Energy Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology” achievements and Associate Professor Du Ke ’s team “Lithium-ion Battery Ternary Materials and New Cathode Material Industrialization Technology” are agreed pricing Obtained transfers, the total funds for the two achievements transfers were up to 140 million yuan and 150 million yuan respectively. It is understood that in the past three years, the technology transfer fees for the five scientific research achievements of Central South University have accumulated to 700 million yuan!

Chint Group, founded in July 1984, is now one of the top 10 enterprises in China's industrial electrical appliance industry and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. Compared with the world's top 500 companies and the world's top electrical companies, the French industrial pioneer Schneider is 148 years younger. In the face of the fierce patent attack launched by Schneider, Chint Group made a courageous effort to make up for its patent vacancies, and finally relied on a patent to successfully kill overseas rival Schneider's 340 million yuan.

 After reading the above cases, do you still think patents are not important?

 In short, companies with patents can obtain monopoly rights, increase the added value of their products to obtain revenue, obtain government discount loans, increase pledge financing loans, obtain government innovation rewards and support, apply for certification as high-tech enterprises, and win small with big, Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, make it easier to find venture capital to go public, transfer to obtain profits, and increase the added value of enterprise products ...

 It is necessary to do a good job in patent planning and layout
Patent is so important for enterprises. For the long-term development of enterprises, this requires enterprises to raise awareness of intellectual property rights and do a good job in patent planning and layout!

In the patent examination stage, the examiner will issue a notice of authorization, a notice of amendment or a notice of examination opinion according to the patent situation. Replying to these notices is also a matter of learning, and it is also an important factor in determining whether a patent can be authorized. Knowing the basic knowledge of patent examination and answer skills plays a decisive role in applying for a patent for a company!

In 2019, the State Intellectual Property Office will improve the quality and efficiency of intellectual property examinations and strictly control the examination and authorization; in-depth implementation of patent quality improvement projects and trademark brand strategies, vigorously cultivate high-value core patents and well-known brands; severely crack down on irregular patent applications and Brand hoarding and malicious registration.

The business leaders who attended the meeting were very satisfied with the teacher's explanation and answering questions. The representative from Beijing, Mr. Li, responded: "This time, we have learned a lot. The teacher explained it very professionally. We will grasp the patents and make plans next. We hope that Gaowo will help us find more patent agency applications and look forward to the later stage. Cooperation!"

Gaowo IP helps all the way forward

Gower Intellectual Property has been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years, and has been implementing the mission of "using intellectual property to achieve maximum value for customers", providing customers with one-stop intellectual property services from application to litigation. At present, the Gaowo Institute of Intellectual Property has opened dozens of "IP-assisted" training sessions, and has participated in a large number of training personnel, serving thousands of enterprises, effectively improving customers' intellectual property awareness, and providing professional guidance and meticulous care for enterprises to protect and operate intellectual property. service!

In March of Yangchun, Gaowo IP helps all the way forward. Next, we will hold two IP assist salons in Beijing. If you want to participate in our training, please click the link below, celebrities are limited, and sign up!

Invitation letter for salon on March 22, "New Patent Application and Patent Layout Mining"

On March 27, the invitation letter for the salon "Analysis of Early Warning and Search Analysis of Patent Layout"

Gower's "IP protection" goes all the way. In the future, we will continue to organize relevant trainings and give back to our customers with better quality, efficient and professional services. If you want to participate in our training, please pay attention to the follow-up public number news!

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